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What is Hjiama?

What is Hijama? A common question asked by many people that are unaware of this forgotten practice that withholds countless benefits. Hijama is a historic method of detoxing and rehabilitating the human circulatory system. As humans we have two different bloods in our body; within our veins we have fresh blood that pumps nutrients, oxygen and many other beneficial sources around our body so that our organs can function efficiently. Unfortunately we also have another type of blood in our body which is known as stagnated blood (toxic blood) which is not flowing around and is full of toxins. Hijama, which is also known as wet cupping allows us to eliminate the congested blood by making small incisions and then applying cups to the area and letting the vacuum extract the blood from the body. the blood that has been removed from your body has a distinct appearance as it is a dark jelly-like clot which is clearly unhealthy but once removed it leaves you feeling physically lighter and and instantly healthier as there are no longer toxins in your blood and fresh blood continues to circulate.

Here at Blue Leaf all our staff are licensed and all have qualifications to legally perform Hijama and are well educated in this field. Furthermore, Hijama is known to have various amount of beneficial outcomes, for example:

- Eliminates back and muscle pain

- Decreases cholesterol and blood pressure levels

- Improves blood circulation

- Detoxes circulatory system

- Improves menstrual problems

- Migraines deteriorate

There are several more benefits that come from this ancient practice so book your consultation today and have your whole treatment package for a special offer..

our package includes the following:

*Personalized consultation

*Massage (under a heat lamp)

*Dry/wet cupping (as many cups required)

*After car plan (inc. further advice and aftercare treatment.)


(45MINS - 1HOUR)

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