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Cupping/Hijama Course dates




Join Our Academy To Have a chance to work in one of our clinics - we give priority to the students we have trained.


Hijama Course dates:

Male & Females


6th 7th 8th March 2023

clinic here to register your interest and enroll on this course

The practical date will be set after the theory is completed

Price ** £500** per person  


contact details: 07515313518



If You're Looking for a clinical internship at our clinic  ( Subject to an additional cost )


We currently have some spaces for internships possible placements after successfully completing training at our clinic


( We Currently Have male placement possible career at our cupping clinic )



Course information  


Day 1  
Students will be studying the theory which will be covering the following modules: 


Module 1: What is Cupping/Hijama? 


1. Introduction 


2. What is Hijama 


3. The History of Hijama 


4. Different types and tools for Cupping/Hijama 


5. Explanation of each type of Cupping/Hijama 


6. Cupping the head 


7. Review Q & A 


Module 2: The Human body 


1. Physiology and anatomy 


2. Dr Parker’s study of removing waste (The skeleton, Blood, muscle types, breathing and waste removal) 


Module 3: Medical Condition to be aware of 


1. General awareness and Q & A 


2. Areas of the body to avoid cupping/hijama 


3. Serious medical illnesses, (Heart conditions, blood thinning medications, Haemophilia, Diabetes, Anaemia, High Blood pressure) 


4. Back pain/Spinal issues 


5. Cupping points 


6. Skin reaction and conditions 


7. Health and safety 


8. Cross infection 


9. Patient pre-care and aftercare 


10. Fainting and recovery position 


Module 4: The Sunnah of Hijama 


1. Hadiths on Hijama 


2. Sunnah points 


3. Duah during performing Hijama 


Module 5: Important Basic Ruqya knowledge and how it connects with Hijama 


1. What is Ruqya? 


2. How to protect yourself if someone is afflicted. 


3. JET Hijama is this from the sunnah? 


4. Treating patients with afflictions 


5. Ruqya plans and advice 


At the end of day 1 students will be given practical homework alongside with their course book. 




Day 2  

A recap of the modules with a test paper to make sure all have read through there course book. 

A live hijama demonstration so students can watch and learn. 

Students are then paired up and given the tools to perform cupping/hijama on one another. 
(Please note a qualified therapist will be watching and helping you at all times to ensure all is done correctly and safely) 



Day 3 

This day will be booked after you complete 10 case studies  

This is to ensure that you have practised on family and friends and have gained experience in the cupping/hijama field. 


We will book a date where you can bring a family or friend to perform hijama on and if we see that your competent your certificate will be issued. If we believe you need more time we will tell you to go back and do a few more patients and arrange a day you can watch a therapist in the clinic to build your confidence more. 



Our aim is for all students to leave us feeling confident and have enough experience to carry out Cupping / hijama. 


Courses will be in small groups and will be carried out at the 


Cupping Clinic 
37 Upton lane  
E7 9PA


email us to enroll


Please ensure you have added the following information
Full name, Age, Male/Female, Email, Contact number, and Home Address 





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Pay £100 deposit to enrol

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