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Cupping Clinic - A must have - Olive oil

Olive oil has been around and widely used for thousands of years. However it's used more for cooking and salad dressings than anything else. Yet, this miraculous oil does a lot more!


> Skincare- If you have dry skin then olive oil is perfect for you. Don't get me wrong and start slathering the oil everywhere. Use pure cold-pressed olive oil and take a small amount (1 tbsp. should cover your entire face) and gently massage it across your face. Make small circular motions as you do this and really take your time. The process itself is really relaxing and you're giving a good dose vitamin E and K , antioxidants as well as different types of fatty acid which is essential for your skin in order to maintain its elasticity. I other words; wrinkles are reduced and your skin looks youthful and bouncy!

The best way to use olive oil is at night and preferable after a shower. That way you can massage yourself and feel super relaxed which means a GREAT night's sleep.

Reminder: Olive oil is slightly comedogenic which means it can clog the pores on your face IF you use too much of it. Anyone with acne or have an oily skin type should be mindful but otherwise make olive oil a stable in your home! Use olive oil once a day and in a small quantity. That way you are only reaping the benefits!

> Hair- Because olive oil is very moisturising, it's a great treatment for dry and brittle hair. You can whip up a hair mask and leave it for usually 20 minutes or even overnight to make sure the olive oil has completely been absorbed by your scalp.

Hair mask :

2-3 tbsp of Aloe Vera

2 tbsp of Olive oil.


1. To obtain the Aloe Vera, either buy the gel or use the gel directly from the plant. You can do this by making a slip across the leaf and gently cutting it across. This with a spoon carefully scrap out the gel inside. It's a bit messy and quite fiddly but definitely worth it.

2. Mix the Olive oil and the Aloe Vera. It should look frothy and bubbly.

3. Apply this to your scalp! The hair follicles are on the scalp, the hair strands themselves are dead .

The Aloe Vera is amazing for itchy scalp and helps to reduce dandruff. With continuous use dandruff should be completely gone! The olive oil has explained above will help with dehydrated and brittle hair. Keep in mind you shouldn't do this everyday! Maybe twice a week, depending on your hair type, should be okay and soon you should see an improvement.

> Sore Throat - With winter around the corner, you might start to feel the bite of the cold. Runny noses, clammy hands and sore throats are coming at you by the bundle. With the use of Olive oil, it has been suggested that olive oil does ease the sore throat, making it less hoarse and painful. There is a certain compound , oleocanthal , in the Olive oil that has anti-inflammatory properties. When consumed, many people report a stinging sensation but worry not! That is an indication the Olive oil is a good quality and not diluted so the properties are not lost.

Olive oil can be taken on its own. A tablespoon or 2 throughout the day should help sooth the throat.

Or if you're feeling fancy and want to tickle your taste buds :

1 tbsp. of Honey

1 tbsp. of Olive oil If you can't get the right amount, EYE IT!

1 tsp of Lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and heat it in the microwave or mix it in a pan and heat it on the stove.

It's easier to make a bit more than needed, this means you have plenty more to consume through out the day.

>Ear ache : Sometimes when you are struck with ear ache, the pain is just the worse. There is that horrible, dull throbbing pain that just won't go away.

The best thing you should do is to check with the doctors. An each ache could be a symptom of myringitis. However if you cannot tolerate the pain and want some instant relief, as you can tell by the theme of this blog, Olive oil is the best way forward! Warm up some Olive oil. Do not boil it or heat it to the maximum! You will seriously hurt yourself and make the problem worse!

Lay down on your side. Use an oil dropper ( if you have it) and slowly put 2-3 drops in. If you don't have an oil dropper, then use a spoon and carefully pour it in. Your hearing might be slightly muffled but that's normal. If your ear ache seems to be worse then call your doctor!

>Weight control: Now the reason I typed weight control rather than weight loss is simply because Olive oil is still a fat. Olive oil doesn't magically burn stored fat, exercise does that! Olive oil however is a healthier option than lard or sunflower oil. Any type of oil has certain fats in them; Olive oil has the healthier fat and it's also loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Therefore the amount of fatty deposits in the arteries are smaller and less frequent. Remember Olive oil should aid in your diet not replace it!

Here's a fun fact; Olive oil has been associated with preventing Alzheimer's!

There are many more uses for this amazing Olive oil.

If you are not sure where to buy Olive oil or if the quality of the Olive Oil is safe, then why not head on down to the Blue Leaf Cupping Clinic. We sell Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with some other great products!

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