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Cuping Clinic - Arthritis - What can Hijama do for this?

Arthritis involves the bones, specifically the joints. They can be inflamed and the bones can rub or be worn out causing immense pain. Other anatomical parts such as the cartilage start to wear out and the are becomes really swollen and painful. Movements are limited. This problem is usually a lot more common in older people but there are rare cases where young children have arthritis. It's especially severe for them.

So what can hijama do ?

Hijama can help alleviate the pain, reduces the swelling. The stagnant blood and excess fluid, near the joints, are removed through wet cupping. The area will not be so inflamed and be less painful as well. The movements will not be so limited either; which will help the person continue with their life. They won't be at a stop.

Osteoarthritis is when the cartilage of the bone wear out and rub together. Unfortunately this is a degenerative disease, which means it can only get worse. However not all is loss! Hijama helps to slow the process down significantly which means a sufferer is able to manage it and it reduces the pain and swelling, enabling better movements and less pain.

This method is a lot better than having to take a thousand different type of pills and tablets each and every day. The effects of hijama is long lasting. Some people may have more severe cases than others which means they might need hijama as a regimental treatment rather than a one off. However, not only is the arthritis being controlled and the pain is reduced, but other diseases are being prevented. A lot of other diseases such as CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) is as a result of high cholesterol level in the BLOOD. When the blood is being removed, fresh blood is supplied. Prevention is always better that cure.

Cupping Clinic-Arthritis
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