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Cupping Clinic - Acne......a nightmare!

Acne is the worse for anyone.....

Those red fiery spots poppingout of nowhere. You do anything and the thing comes alive growing even more.

There are some quick solutions such as popping it which will just leave a scar or even applying a face mask which can be really messy.

However these solutions are only external, we are not focussed on internal solutions such as changing our diets or exercising. When we ignore these things our blood is congested with all sorts of junk; excessive amount of salts and sugars with other artificial chemicals ( from junk food!) floating about. Hijama is therefore an excellent treatment to sort that out. It removes the stagnant blood and all the toxic it contains. NO ONE NEEDS ARTIFICAL FLAVOURING IN THEIR BLOOD! As well as removing the blood, the hormone levels will be positively affected: they will be balanced.

Imbalanced hormone can really affect our skin and this is usually the case for most teenagers as they go through puberty. Some pregnant women might also suffer from this as they're also going through hormonal changes.

Acne can ruin some skin. Take control and do something about it!

There are some more severe skin conditions whereby the spot itself is so painful and inflamed but hijama reduced inflammation so immediately you might feel pain relief after a session. Some people might require several sessions before seeing complete change but this is just down to individuality.

Alongside the hijama sessions, argon oil and olive oil is really good for the skin. In our clinic we use argon oil straight from Morocco. The argon oil is full of vitamin E which is the main vitamin skin needs to function properly.

Check out the our If you can't find pure argon oil pop down to the clinic and grab your bottle! We also have DERMA SOLTUIONS xbalm available for anyone who suffers from eczema and psoriasis. The balm is perfect for anyone of age ( except 6 months old) and can be applied on both body and face. It should also help heal the scars and irritated skin due to acne. Click here to find out why it's the next best thing!

Olive oil is amazing for your skin. Click here to find out more.

Olive oil can also be found in our clinic.

Call us to book a session. Don't knock it 'till you try it.

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