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Cupping Clinic Hijama before and after care plan

Cupping Clinic- Before Hijama we recommend you to do the following; 

  • Fast at least 2-3 hours before your treatment ‘’Cupping on an empty stomach is best. In it is a cure and blessing.”  (Sahih Sunan Ibn Maajah 3487) 

  • The person undergoing Hijama is encouraged to perform Ghusl (ritual bath) or shower before the treatment 
    Abdullah bin Az-Zubair reported that Aisha (RA) told him that the Prophet (SAW) used to perform ghusl for four things  Major ritual impurity, Jumu’ah (Friday) prayer, after washing the dead  and before Cupping. (Abu Dawud)  

  • Drink plenty of water  

  • Wear comfortable clothing  

  • Let your therapist know of any medication you maybe on 


After Hijama we recommend you to do the following 

  • Hijama marks heals in 2 – 3 days to a week sometime it can take up to 2 weeks. Apply olive oil or black seed oil.

  • Eat some dates or drink some honey with water to bring your energy levels back up. 

  • Rest over the next 24 hours and avoid any strenuous exercises. 

  • Avoid marital relations for 24 hours after hijama session. 

  • Drink lots of water to help detox your body and remove any unwanted toxins. 

  • Avoid eating meat and dairy for 24hours, this will help with healing process.  

  • Use oil around the places where you have been cupped with olive or black seed oil as often as possible, this will also help with the healing process and sooth any itchiness or irritation you may experience. 

  • Take a warm shower but avoid using any soaps and shower gel on the area/s that have been cupped. 


Benefits of Hijama cupping when the weather is extremely hot

“When the weather becomes extremely hot, seek aid in cupping. Do not allow your blood to boil such that it kills you.”  (Reported by Hakim in his Mustardak. Agreed by Imam Dhahabo 4/212)  The Prophet (PBUH) directed us to cupping to extract the septic matter if an ailment was a result of hot temperament and honey if the ailment was the result of a cold temperament.  (The Prophetic Medicine by Ibn Qayim Al Jawziyyah) 

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