• Allah- Arabic word for ‘God.’

  • Eman- this Arabic word means faith i.e. believe in Islam

  • Hadeeth- Recorded and written sayings, actions and consent of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW).

  • Quran- The Holy book that Muslims believe is directly from Allah

  • Sunnah- The daily actions of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) that has been prescribed for humanity.

  • Sihr- Black magic or dark arts that helps a person closer to evil.

  • SAW- Sallahu Allaihi Wasalam . This Arabic phrase means ‘May Allah send peace and blessings upon Him.’ This phrase is used when talking about the Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

  • SWT-Subhanahu wa ta'ala. This Arabic phrase means "May He be glorified and exalted" and usually said after mentioning Allah’s name (SWT).

  • Tawakul-  this Arabic word means reliance and trusting Allah’s plan for you.

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Cupping Clinic

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Upton Lane: 0208 470 7999

Ruqya Line07902 714135

Monday -Saturday: 10am - 9pm 

Sunday: 10am - 9pm