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Cupping Clinic - Sciatic nerve it getting on your nerves?

Sciatica is a nerve problem as a result of the sciatic nerve being compressed on or it's a symptom of another problem like spinal injuries. Sometimes pregnancy and the birth giving process can cause sciatic nerve or if you are a sports person, overly exercising can cause the sciatic nerve to feel irritated causing you pain.

The sciatic nerve itself is long and runs from the buttocks all the way down the leg, so the pain can be felt around the hips. This can give the impression that you have a hip problem as well when it's not the case.

They can be painful and numbing, each symptom can vary between individuals usually because of the different causes of sciatica. Some have described as a shooting pain that can immediately stop a person from doing anything.

Hijama at the cupping clinic can help alleviate the pain and with continuous sessions, the pain should be gone. The stagnant blood is removed ( wet cupping) allowing the body to produce new fresh oxygenated blood cells. Also it reduces the pressure on the actual sciatic nerve itself which is why sometimes the pain is significantly reduced.

Our trained therapists knows exactly where the cups are placed, but usually they run down the neck and around the hips and near the buttocks. The pressure difference should help the blood circulation to improve in that area and also help any constricted blood vessels (due to compression) which will alleviate the pain.

If you have tried everything the doctor has told you and if you find yourself still in excruciating pain with nowhere to go, give us a call and see how hijama will benefit you!

At Blue Leaf Cupping Clinic we are reviving a very old Sunnah with amazing benefits. Science supports this Sunnah, not the other way!

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