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Cupping Clinic -Revival of the Prophetic medicine - Part 1

Prophetic medicine is an amazing form of curing all sorts of illnesses and diseases yet no one really knows about it.

A quick search on the internet will bombard you with different hadiths about why we should use this path to cure our illnesses. As great as that it, it doesn't cover what is used, what illnesses are treated and how to do it. Now this is where I come in.

I was able to get my hand on The Prophetic Medicine, an amazing book! Now I've done all the hard work for you! The book covers the Prophet (SAW)'s views on certain medicine and what should be done and should be avoided in order to be healthy physically and spiritually.

Keep in mind that the cure for anything comes from Allah alone, if He wills then the illness will go away with the help of the medicine.

Also please do not use certain medicine if you do not need it. It is not effective in any way and a waste for no reason.

First and foremost, the Prophet (SAW) was very strict on food itself and with good reasons!

'The son of Adam does not fill a vessel more worse, more evil than stomach. A few morsels are sufficient to keep him in his feet, if he has to eat more, one third for the stomach can be the food, one third for the drink and one third for his breath' Sunan Ibn Maajah Vol. No.4 Hadith no.3349

If you stuff yourself with food and try to drink, you feel lazy and fatigue. You feel heavy and that's not what food should do for your body. Hence having a few morsels will give you a lot more energy than a mountain of food on a plate. The excess food will be converted into fat and stored around the body and under the skin which can lead to the likes of CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) and other life threatening illnesses. Usually an improper diet and and gluttony is the cause of many illnesses.

For this blog, I will cover the different ingredients used however keep an eye out for part 2, where I will cover more of these ingredients and the different ailments.


Our furry friends here create an amazing substances known as honey! This sweet treat cures a variety of illnesses and problems.

A hadith narrated by Ibn Majiah and others stated that the Prophet (SAW) said ' Make use of the two cures: honey and the Qur'an.'

Some of the illnesses honey cure includes phlegm, chills and diarrhoea. Consume honey ( 1-2 tbsp of honey on an empty stomach, this should help with phlegm, mucus, sore throat and that pesky cough. Mix a table spoon of honey with luke warm water and consume it. This is perfect for diarrhoea because honey acts as a laxative. This same mixture helps against painful bites caused by rabid dogs and neutralises the effect of eating poisonous mushroom.

Honey does wonders for the skin and hair. If your child your you suffer from lice, apply some honey to your scalp. The honey kills the lice and the eggs, which means the eggs cannot develop so your head is clear! On top of this honey is great for the hair itself, helping it grow and making your hair soft. Bear in mind that honey is sticky so the application process may be messy but definitely worth it!

Honey is also great for eyesight and gums.

Again, honey is sticky and messy so be extra careful with putting it near your eyes. You can just rub it around the eyes and eyelid. Do not put honey in the actual eyeball itself!

If you are not sure where to get pure good quality honey, come down to the clinic. We sell Acacia honey, and raw and organic honey straight from the mountains of Bulgaria!

Senna leaves

Senna leaves are a must! If you suffer from constipation. Steep the Senna leaves in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Then drink it making sure it's cool enough. If you can't get hold of fresh Senna leaves you can buy them in the form of liquid of pills and just follow the instructions on the packaging. Either forms of the leaves should help with constipation.

Keep in mind that because Senna leaves are a laxative, consuming too much of it can lead to electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. If you are feeling dehydrated, drink lots of water (none of that sparkling water nonsense-just normal water) and stop having the senna leaves.

Senna leaves are also good for Sihr. Drinking it is fine as well. Usually if you are getting treatment (ruqya) for Sihr then the person treating you will give specific instructions on how to consume the senna leaves and for how long.

Senna leaves can also help with inflammations and skin problems and hair loss. You can use the senna oil can be applied topically on the affected area. You can also you the senna powder and create a paste.. However always so a test patch on yourself to make sure you are not allergic to senna. Do not consume it consecutively for 7 days straight and monitor how much you consume.

Please keep in mind, that firstly if you are not reacting as you should to a certain ingredient, stop using it and let your doctor know.

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