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Wet Cupping - Hijama

Wet Cupping

Wet Cupping is also known as hijama in the Arabic language and its linguistic meaning is derived from the word 'Hajm' which also means sucking. hijama is a well known therapy that is widely practiced by Muslims worldwide as it is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Hence, cupping therapy is also known as a Prophetic Medicine, which has been prescribed to the nation as a means of treatment and cure.

How does Cupping therapy work?

Cupping which also known as hijama is a traditional technique used to treat variety of symptoms such as aches and pains as well as blood stagnation and blockages as it is the process where by you create a vacuum on different points of the body by applying a suction using a pump to remove 'harmful' blood which lies just beneath the surface of the skin.

The process off Wet Cupping

Firstly your cupping therapist will offer you deep tissue massage from 5-15 minutes in order to stimulate the blood in the body. Then therpist will apply anticipate cream and apply suction on various points on the body in order to bring forward all the harmful toxins on the surface of the skin this usually takes 3-7 minutes, the therapist then removes the cups and performs tiny cuts in-order to eliminate toxic blood and fluids. The cuts will also be treated with antiseptic cream along with a bandage to help assist the healing process.

The Effect of dry cupping therapy

Dry and massage cupping can help simulate the blood flow and fluids underneath the surface of the skin. This therapy is painless however you may experience a pinching sensation followed by a relaxed feeling.

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